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Taking your e-commerce to the new level


Since 2008 we at kLooKva consistently delivering mobile-first websites and applications and e-commerce projects. Our main focus areas are e-commerce, the technical side of the market penetration, business and startup development for businesses all over the world.
Provided solutions are as simple and solid as could be, technologies are relevant, and consulting is detail-oriented and human-centric.
Feel free to use our expertise for your business needs.



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Featured Project

Denmark based furniture e-commerce shop with 50.000+ SKU's presented.
Built with modern flexible CMS capable to hold extensive growth.



1.E-commerce development

No matter if you already have an e-commerce website, you have plans to enter a new market or improve your presence - we can definitely help you to reach these goals. Your project will get integration with ERP, warehouse control systems, third-party services, customer support systems, relationship systems, new APIs. We will help you to reach the rapid growth of your project by connecting to analytics systems, conversion control, advertisement platforms, and connecting you with marketplaces on the target market. All the above will be done by experienced engineers as result built solutions will work flawlessly.

E-commerce development

2.Technical discovery

Do you have a new idea and need engineering skills to implement that or you need an experienced team of practical consultants to find the right solution? We are ready to join you in your searching journey and find the best solution to fix your problem. After that, we will implement and will be able to maintain and scale this solution.

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3.Mobile development

Year over the year number of mobile devices in the world is increasing. The sizes of devices, their platforms are different, your customers, on average, have more than one mobile device on everyday use. As a result development technologies are adapting to this new reality of rapid changes. Using these technologies, we can create mobile applications for different platforms and devices with a single code base. This gives us the ability to create and adapt the application to new realities very quickly. Contact us for professional advice.

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4.Market penetration

Entering a new market is always a set of tasks. Starting from adaptation and translation your website content up to the integration with unique partners that are presented in the specific market. Having extensive experience with various technologies, we can offer the best exit strategy, prepare resources for its implementation and successfully launch your project. To get professional advice, just leave your contact details in the contact form below and make an introductory call with our specialists.

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5.Best in class PrestaShop support and development

Hundreds of thousands of projects have been created using PrestaShop online store management system since this CMS appeared in 2008. Having proper design, provided by a team from the France, this system is a great choice for the projects that have long term plans. We, as the team with the highest SuperHero status on the official PrestaShop module and add-on store, know this system to the last line of code, and have been developing and improving stores to the best standards for over 5 years. Focus all your energy and the energy of your team on the main functions of your business. We will provide a solid technical foundation for this growth.

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6.Security and code review

If you need a third-party look at your online store, quality control of the code,security analysys of your product - you are in the right place. Leave a request in the contact form on this site to get a consultation on security and code verification service.

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7.Prestashop integration and module development

With the highest development expertise, we help companies and startups integrate with the PrestaShop system. If you need to connect your product or service with PrestaShop websites - we will help you with that. Developed solutions will meet the strictest quality standards of the PrestaShop manufacturer and will be able to be posted on the official PrestaShop Addons store. Just fill the form below to get professional help.

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APeople's thoughts
about our solutions

Lucien Kooij

We were pleased not only with the price but mainly with the quality of the work done. Thanks to the kLooKva and its developers we built a shop just before the first lockdown! It turned out great move for us.

Michal Pyrzel

We selected kLookva for cooperation 4 years ago because of their specialists, background and education. They did the best job and our cooperation continues!

Olga Mintsevich

I love these guys! Moved from the previous website and created flawless web experience for my customers. Got some extra API integrations as a bonus, nicely done!